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Secure in the Dark

We all hope and endeavour to never experience a burglary, however in winter with the lengthier nights, the threat of such an incident does increase. 

Under the extended cloak of the darkness in winter and with fewer witnesses due to the cold, opportunistic criminals have a longer and clearer window to access properties. However, at Securitatem Installations, we look to reduce that opportunity with the installation of our bespoke security systems.

We deliver proactive prevention, suggesting an ideal course of action with our client’s properties. Alongside installations, we can provide highly visible indicators a system is in place creating an imposing security presence. Whether this is bell boxes (front and back), signage, or even perimeter measures, such as gates or barriers or line crossing.

Ensuring the systems visibility is maximised, makes it very clear to anyone that the property would be an unfavourable target, even in the dark.  

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Your home, Your Security

Your home is your private sanctuary and is where effective security should be considered most critical.

Much of your time will often be spent there, and the quality of that time is important. You want to feel safe and secure within your own environment, and able to relax on your own and with your loved ones.

Often, we find people are conflicted between the need to integrate security systems to feel secure, but without wanting to feel overrun by security. However, we are quick to assure our clients, that with our bespoke service, nothing could be further from the truth. Our client’s needs and individual preferences always lead any installation we undertake, supported by our expert recommendations.

We are careful to take into consideration requests to keep certain rooms or areas of clients’ homes private for personal reasons. Their comfort should never feel compromised in the pursuit of security, we only look to complement and therefore enhance their lifestyles.

The technology and security infrastructure we deploy also works well for this. Using the most sophisticated cyber-secure systems and programs available allows our clients to feel reassured in the defence of our systems.

Our staff always maintain the utmost professionalism and discreetly install our security systems whilst ensuring our clients and their homes are undisturbed, always keeping the area clean and tidy. As though we were never there!

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Upgrade your security infrastructure

Efficient security systems, come with the need for an effective security infrastructure.   

Our security engineers are continuously trained to the highest standard in the industry, able to advise on and provide the leading hardware and software programs to best serve our clients and their security systems.


New innovations in security technology, require a new infrastructure to support it. If you are looking to upgrade your security systems or integrate completely new ones, Securitatem Installations and our expert team of engineers are on hand to review, plan, and deliver on all your requirements.


We can provide a fully integrated security system, and the supporting infrastructure to run alongside it. This will offer you with one seamless system, fitted and bespoke to your property or multiple properties. Each installation is perfectly adapted to only fit your homes or businesses, even down to the accessibility you select and the privacy settings you require.


We keep our team up to date with the latest in technology, training, and software, always giving them suitable support to advance their own professional understanding. Our installations team has extensive experience in data centre, networking, and cloud networking resources.

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The threat of trespassing

Trespassing on your property, knowingly or otherwise by an individual or individuals, can cause a huge emotional impact and unwanted damage.

You don’t have to live under the threat of trespassing on your property, a few cautionary measures can hopefully circumvent trespassing and provide an effective response to it. Protecting the well-being and safety we all deserve.

Elements of trespassing are considered a crime under the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994, however, trespass itself is not a criminal offense increasing the importance of proactively protecting your property or land.


Create a strong and impenetrable perimeter surrounding your property, demonstrating a clear boundary to keep unwanted visitors out.


Keeping a close eye on the property through CCTV can give you peace of mind and allow you to be aware of trespassing. Additionally, footage can be provided as evidence of a trespass taking place.

Covert cameras could be a further consideration.


An intruder alarm is not only loud but instantly reactive, giving you, your monitoring company, and your security provider knowledge that you have a security issue.


The use of light sensors on a property, reacting to movement, has a big impact and can be startling to those who set them off.


Display notices of security measures you have in place, to warn off potential trespassers.  

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Growing Again

Securitatem Installations continues to grow, and we are now looking to recruit additional security engineers, with roles available for qualified technicians.

Join our established team of specialist security engineers based in Harrietsham, Kent. The role involves installation, maintenance, and support across a whole range of security systems.

Successful applicants should have:

  • Highly motivated and ambitious
  • Exceptional customer service skills
  • A clean, tidy, and professional work ethic
  • Established Intruder Alarm, CCTV, and Access and Entry Control systems experience.
  • Networking skills (Desired)

At Securitatem Installations, we pride ourselves on our customer relationships, delivering a high standard and our outstanding reputation, with work undertaken predominantly in London and the Southeast, as well as internationally.

For further details on the roles, experience required for each, and how to apply; Contact Us.

+ secure for summer

Secure for summer

During the process of planning an upcoming holiday or extended break, you may want to consider putting in place additional security provisions for the protection of your home and feel secure whilst it is vacant.

Along with an intruder alarm, CCTV, and access control installation, consider the instant reassurance you will have by being connected to your property with a connection to a compatible security app. Giving you the continuous option to access your cameras and security systems 24/7, allowing you to monitor your home remotely.

As well as the assurance of the app, having Alarm Receiving Centre and Police response, guarantees you are informed swiftly and directly if there are any disturbances to the system you have in place. Leaving you confident that your security provisions are working for you whilst you take that much-needed break.

We are here for any support or assistance you may need, with our monitoring options and 24/7 response phone line, we are never far away if your home security needs attendance.

Leaving you to enjoy the upcoming summer getaways reassured that your home remains safe.

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4 steps to keeping your vehicle more secure

Vehicle-related theft has shown an increase over the past few years, with a 29% rise between September 2021 and September 2022, according to new figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

Many predict that number is set to rise with the cost of living crisis tempting more to turn to crime to make ends meet. What Car has listed the most stolen cars in the UK as Range Rover, Land Rover Discovery, BMW 3 series, Mercedes C-Class, and E-Class. Many of these cars are being targeted for their parts as the market sees ever-increasing shortages, or they are shipped overseas for resale.

Most notable is that methods of entry have become even more sophisticated to match the complex security measures now provided by the manufacturers to prevent theft. To assist car theft prevention, we have outlined 4 steps to improve the security of your vehicle.

1. Cameras

A CCTV system installed at your property will give you greater reassurance in terms of the security of your property and vehicles, whether they are on the drive or in the garage. The installation of external cameras will provide a greater visible security impression which has been shown to reduce criminal activity.

Additionally, in the unfortunate case of a vehicle being taken, you will have evidence and footage to give a clearer version of the incident, whether it’s the exact time, nature of the thief, or description of the thief, to support the recovery of the vehicle and prosecution of the crime.

Find all top 10 benefit of a bespoke CCTV system here.

2. Keys

With internal manufacturer security systems more refined on modern vehicles, the requirement to have a key to access a vehicle is even more essential. Be vigilant with your car key whilst out and even within your home, thieves have been known to access the property, as well as hook and extract keys through letter boxes.

The introduction of keyless entry to the wider market over the last decade has brought with it additional consideration for security. Thieves will use relay boxes, to boost the signal from your keys from within the property to expand its usual release zone.  This has become a more common practice for thieves to enter vehicles with keyless entry systems. You can stop the signal from being hijacked by placing your key inside a faraday bag, which prevents wireless signals.

3. Tracker

Tracking is now accessible through manufacturers, third-party suppliers, and even high street stores. Discrete and individual to your car, you can always locate it. Whether you are with the car or not, you can view its movements. If the vehicle is solen, you can provide vital information to authorities in the hope of it being located and retrieved.   

4. Immobiliser

Get comprehensive security for your vehicle with the use of a Ghost II Immobiliser, the newest and most sophisticated system on the market. Able to protect against key cloning, key theft, and car hacking. With a unique sequence pin, so even if a thief was to enter the vehicle, they would be unable to start it. The ghost immobilizer wired system is integrated to fit perfectly alongside those produced in the factory, making it near impossible to tamper or bypass it.

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Living Wage Employer

We are proud to be a living wage employer providing our staff with a living wage, truly reflecting the cost of living. To demonstrate our commitment, we have joined the living wage foundation.

The living wage foundation was founded in 2011 by Citizen UK, together with local communities and activists campaigning for a fair wage truly reflective of living costs. Prior to 2016 with the introduction of a national living wage, the only statutory wage amount was the standard minimum wage.

Living wage employer

The Securitatem Group looks to continually support our employees and ensure they receive a fair day’s pay for the incredible work they do, upholding our high standards, completing every project seamlessly, and always prioritising the safety and security of our clients. 

Part of a growing network of employers listed with the living wage foundation, we are committed to setting a higher benchmark for employee care.  

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Bell Boxes : Cornerstone of security presence?

For generations, bell boxes has been symbolic of a security presence, and although the security industry has continued to innovate, this mainstay of the industry continues to provide an imposing presence.

In the winter months, there is a recognised spike in burglaries, often linked to the long nights providing an extended blanket of darkness for criminals to operate.  Making it even more pivotal that the property shows an obvious security presence, visible at night and at a distance, deterring any potential criminal interest.

Over recent years, visual security illustrations have developed to show more warning signs at eye level, motivated heavily by the data protection requirements around CCTV as much as warning off criminal attention.  These signs work well to a point in notifying the public of a security presence on at property, however, they have limited visibility in the dark and can often be missed altogether by would-be burglars if entering the property from a different point. 

Often the recommended use of an active bell box to the front and dummy bell boxes to the rear of the property can be an effective tool in highlighting overtly that a complete security presence is in place. The first objective is always to evade crime at a property by making it an unappealing target, with the reassurance of an active security system in place if the worse were to happen.

Securitatem Installations has a range of bell boxes supplied by security industry’s-leading suppliers. We are proud to provide a distinctive and effective security presence for the protection of our clients and their property.

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Raising the Standard

We are pleased to announce our approved membership to Kent Trading Standards Checked.  

The directory, vetted by the Kent Country Council (KCC), provides a directory for safe local trades in the home maintenance sector, aiming to prevent financial abuse, stop doorstep criminals and protect the residents of Kent.  

We have successfully passed the comprehensive 50-point check, and agreed to the Code of Conduct, for inclusion in the Trading Standards Checked directory deeming us as a safe and reliable company to operate as a representative of the scheme, giving peace of mind to each of our clients that they will be treated fairly and safely by us.   

If you want to learn more about the directory, visit their website

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