Bell Boxes : Cornerstone of security presence?

For generations, bell boxes has been symbolic of a security presence, and although the security industry has continued to innovate, this mainstay of the industry continues to provide an imposing presence.

In the winter months, there is a recognised spike in burglaries, often linked to the long nights providing an extended blanket of darkness for criminals to operate.  Making it even more pivotal that the property shows an obvious security presence, visible at night and at a distance, deterring any potential criminal interest.

Over recent years, visual security illustrations have developed to show more warning signs at eye level, motivated heavily by the data protection requirements around CCTV as much as warning off criminal attention.  These signs work well to a point in notifying the public of a security presence on at property, however, they have limited visibility in the dark and can often be missed altogether by would-be burglars if entering the property from a different point. 

Often the recommended use of an active bell box to the front and dummy bell boxes to the rear of the property can be an effective tool in highlighting overtly that a complete security presence is in place. The first objective is always to evade crime at a property by making it an unappealing target, with the reassurance of an active security system in place if the worse were to happen.

Securitatem Installations has a range of bell boxes supplied by security industry’s-leading suppliers. We are proud to provide a distinctive and effective security presence for the protection of our clients and their property.

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Raising the Standard

We are pleased to announce our approved membership to Kent Trading Standards Checked.  

The directory, vetted by the Kent Country Council (KCC), provides a directory for safe local trades in the home maintenance sector, aiming to prevent financial abuse, stop doorstep criminals and protect the residents of Kent.  

We have successfully passed the comprehensive 50-point check, and agreed to the Code of Conduct, for inclusion in the Trading Standards Checked directory deeming us as a safe and reliable company to operate as a representative of the scheme, giving peace of mind to each of our clients that they will be treated fairly and safely by us.   

If you want to learn more about the directory, visit their website

+ Cost of burgulary

The real cost of burglary

Burglary comes at a high cost to those who fall victim to it, in the form of loss of belongings, damage, and emotional impact.

With 235,280 burglaries in 2021-22, burglary has the 7th highest crime rate per 1000 in the UK.

  • A burglary is carried out every 134 seconds in the UK
  • 3.9 people per 1,000 of the population experienced a burglary in 2021
  • 71% of burglaries are on domestic properties

The average cost of damage in incidents of domestic burglary in a dwelling with an entry has doubled since 2009/10, going from £654 to £1413 in 2019/20. With some seeing costs exceeding £5000.

66% of burglaries resulted in a loss to the resident. Items stolen included high-value physical goods such as jewellery, watches, and vehicles. However, the list of items also included more prominent personal belonging such as wallets containing bank cards, computers, and documents likely comprising personal data and the key to the property, potentially taken to return later.

Domestic burglaries have a high emotional impact on those who experience them with 84% stating they had been affected emotionally. Although each experiencing different levels of emotional response, those reported ranged from anger and shock to depression and anxiety, some even noted losing confidence, finding it difficult to sleep, and even experiencing panic attacks.

You can deter criminal activity and feel confident in your property with a bespoke security system, be proactive in preventing crime, recording evidence, and securing your loved ones.

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+ security Systems

Why we build multifaceted security systems

A multifaceted security installation is the utilisation of several security systems in one property, building a robust and all-encompassing security presence.

Following our site survey, we may recommend the installation of CCTV, intruder alarm, and access control in conjunction with each other, and bespoke to your property’s needs. With every additional system, we look to reduce the opportunity for a successful security breach.

Where one system such as an alarm would emphasis sensors and boundary infringements, CCTV focuses on visual security and protection, and access control prioritises securing the parameter and restricting entry. Each system brings its own benefits and limitations, so a combination of two or three across your property, can create an optimum security presence.

If you are concerned regarding your security and want to find out more about security installations, you can contact us for a free no obligation quote.

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+ summer security

We are there when you’re not

With a security installation, your property is safe and secure whilst you are away, enjoying a much-needed holiday or break.

Our fully integrated systems include an all-encompassing portfolio of intruder alarms, CCTV, and access control, selected from world-leading manufacturers. Our chosen suppliers include Texecom, Avigilon, Paxton, Hikvision, Orisec, and Eaton.

If you don’t already have a system installed by us, but a security system in place, we can upgrade and take over the monitoring and maintenance for you. Bringing your existing system back to life and giving you peace of mind the next time you travel

Our engineer team will be working as usual through the summer, carrying out new installations, maintenance work, and servicing existing systems.

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+ Security training

Training for the future of security

We pride ourselves on the notable experience and training of our personnel.

As security providers, we invest in continuous, relevant, and on-demand training that develops the skills our engineers need for the jobs they have and those they don’t yet know they’ll have. By continually advancing our engineer professional knowledge and learning the latest innovations within the security industry, we can offer informed recommendations on the most up-to-date services and products available to our clients. 

Recent training programs include specialist courses on designing and commissioning security systems, Electrotechnical Certification Scheme, system configuration, and City & Guild security and emergency alarms.

We also take great care in training our engineers to the best manufacturers’ standards within the security industry including Texecom, Avigilon, Paxton, Hikvision, Orisec, EATON, and Pyronics. Our entire team is also fully trained in the fundaments as security professionals including working at heights, fire awareness, asbestos awareness, and first aid, ensuring a more efficient service delivery for our clients.

We are ready for the future of security, are you? Contact us today to book an engineer visit!

+ Our Security Administrator

New Office Administrator

At Securitatem Installations, we are pleased to welcome Gemma as our new office administrator.

Gemma joined Securitatem Installations our administration team in June, working closely with our installation engineers to support their deployment nationally and internationally. Coordinating new installations and annual service visits to our client’s properties via our Installer Pro operating system. Gemma has broad experience with previous administrative and business roles and brings to the business considerable knowledge in office management tools and procedures.

She will act as the point of contact for enquires and client requests, and welcome visitors to our head office.

+ Security System Quote

Need a fast and straightforward security quote?

If you are looking to acquire a security system for your property, our no-obligation security survey will outline everything you need to know.

On request, our team of specialist installers will visit you at your convenience. They will diligently survey theproperty, grounds, and location. Our engineers will consult with you on the specifics of the site and your requirements, identifying areas that require security measures based on your enquiry.

Your individual quote, which will include our professional recommendations for your security, will follow the site visit. Our hope is the entire process should leave you informed and knowledgeable on which security systems to implement for the protection of you and your family.

Book a free survey from our expert installations team here, our services include intruder alarms, CCTV, and access control.

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+ security system

Summer Security Services

With the installation of a bespoke security system at your property, you can have peace of mind whilst you travel this summer.

We offer a comprehensive range of security services, perfect to take care of your home whilst you are away from your property, whether for a long weekend or a month.

  • Intruder alarms not only warn off potential intruders but ensure sure your property is protected in the case of an attempted intrusion.
  • CCTV can monitor your property 24/7 and again worked incredibly well to deter criminals from the site.
  • Access control provides a protective barrier from any would-be intruders and establishes a prominent perimeter not to be crossed.

Depending on your system type, you can even check and manage all your systems remotely whilst you are away should you need to.

If you have Police response with us, enjoy the additional reassurance that should a confirmed alarm be received, the alarm receiving centre (ARC) will request the police attend your property as well as contact your nominated keyholder. Ensuring even when you are far away that your property is taken care of.

As well as the initial installation of the systems and police response, our team can offer inclusive maintenance and servicing packages, ensuring the systems are supported all year around.

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+ Security networking

Working with the best

At Securitatem Installations we are proud to install, maintain, and service the most prominent security systems and monitoring equipment within the industry.

Each brand has specifically been selected for its individual attributes and specialist products. By utilising a varied portfolio of products from multiple suppliers, we can deliver exceptional products and services to every client to fulfill their unique needs.

  • CSL – Market-leading provider of secure connectivity solutions for M2M & IoT devices within the fire, security, and telecare sectors globally.
  • Texecom – Highly accredited leading digital company offering innovative and cloud-based security solutions for over 30 years with an all-encompassing range of products, from physical installations such as perimeter detectors and control panels to digital services including cloud hosting and monitoring.
  • Avigilon – Designing, developing, and manufacturing AI-powered security solutions. They aim to deliver innovative products including AI, cameras, sensors, and video infrastructure that help keep people and communities safe.
  • Paxton – Designing and manufacturing a range of intelligent security systems for buildings including access control, wireless door handles, door entry, and video surveillance.
  • Orisec – A fast-growing UK manufacturer and distributor of intruder alarm equipment. They provide premium quality equipment that is both incredibly reliable and convenient to install.

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