Securitatem Installations works closely with a professional illusionist to offer niche designs for bespoke surveillance systems and covert CCTV.

A covert CCTV security system consists of pinhole CCTV cameras, or covert microphones disguised within everyday objects.

Our concealment specialist combines a totally unique skillset, that utilises over 15 years of working in military intelligence and forensics; including his current role as a movie prop and illusion designer for stage and screen.

As well as being involved in some of the worlds most high profile criminal cases, his artistic skills in visual deception and illusion have been used in Las Vegas shows, Hollywood, and further afield.

Most aspects of an effective security system rely on covert integration with the surrounding environment, and our specialist can provide bespoke solutions that can achieve this as if by magic.

Concealed covert camera systems provide surveillance monitoring when discretion or less prominent cameras are required.

  • Perfect for high value or high-security locations, around vaults or safes
  • Covert CCTV can be used in the work environment to detect harassment or abuse
  • Covert CCTV is often used as a back-up to overt CCTV cameras

To find out more about this service and the others we offer, please contact us directly.

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