We all hope and endeavour to never experience a burglary, however in winter with the lengthier nights, the threat of such an incident does increase. 

Under the extended cloak of the darkness in winter and with fewer witnesses due to the cold, opportunistic criminals have a longer and clearer window to access properties. However, at Securitatem Installations, we look to reduce that opportunity with the installation of our bespoke security systems.

We deliver proactive prevention, suggesting an ideal course of action with our client’s properties. Alongside installations, we can provide highly visible indicators a system is in place creating an imposing security presence. Whether this is bell boxes (front and back), signage, or even perimeter measures, such as gates or barriers or line crossing.

Ensuring the systems visibility is maximised, makes it very clear to anyone that the property would be an unfavourable target, even in the dark.  

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