+ Taking Care of you

Taking Care

Whilst our engineers are on site carrying out work, we take great care to protect and look after your property.

Whether we visit your property for a new installation, maintenance work, a system take-over or annual servicing, all our engineers follow our customer care measures.  We protect your carpets with our branded runners, which have been perfectly designed to accommodate all our equipment and tools whilst work is being carried out. Additionally, our engineers have shoe covers to wear over their boots, further ensuring we leave your property and furnishings as spotless as we found them.

Upon completion of our work, we carry out checks throughout our working area, removing any remaining waste or debris left from the work carried out. Each company vehicle has been fitted with a handheld hoover, perfect to pick up any last-minute refuse.

If you are looking to have a security system fitted, you can receive a free, no obligation quote from us here.

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+ Trainee Security Engineer

New Trainee Security Engineer

At Securitatem Installations, we are pleased to announce the recruitment of Luke as our newest member of staff. 

Luke joins us as a trainee security engineer within our established engineers’ team. With two and half years’ experience in the field of data engineering, fibrotic cabling, and data cabling from previous roles, Luke brings many transferable skills to the business, making him ideal for our extensive installations and maintenance services. 

Luke has been brought on board as part of the ongoing expansion of the Securitatem Installations workforce, the rapid growth of our engineering team ensures we continue to deliver our exceptional standard to every customer.  

Adam Rust, Installations Director said:

‘We are super excited about Luke starting at Securitatem Installations.  Having myself started my career as a trainee security engineer, I know the exciting career  path Luke has ahead of him. Even more so at Securitatem as our work is quite different from the norm.

Starting at this position will allow Luke to explore the industry and having previous networking experience I feel confident he will enjoy and understand everything that lies ahead. Welcome to the team Luke!’

trainee security engineer luke

+ Installer Pro

Introducing Installer Pro

As part of our continued improvements to our existing service, Securitatem Installations has introduced the Installer Pro software system.  

The system, which is NSI Gold compliant, enhances the efficiency of our administration duties, freeing up valuable staff time to focus on you and your home. Additionally, the accuracy of the Installer Pro allows account management to be handled precisely from one system across the whole business. Installer Pro will be utilised by the whole installations team, including our office based and on- site engineer teams.  

+ Join our team

Join Our Team

As the company continues to expand, we are now recruiting for a Security Engineer and a Trainee Security Engineer to join our established team of specialist security engineers based in Harrietsham, Kent.

At Securitatem Installations, we pride ourselves on our customer relationships and outstanding reputation, therefore applicants should have exceptional customer service skills, present well, and retain a professional work ethic.

Successful applicants will be carrying out installations, maintenance, and support on a full range of security systems within our rapidly growing portfolio of properties. Predominantly within Southeast and London, with the potential to work nationally and internationally.

Trainee applicants should be highly motivated and ambitious for a future career within the Security Industry. Excellent customer service skills, a clean, tidy, and professional work ethic is essential. A working knowledge of electrical installation or the construction industry, an understanding of Access and Entry Control systems, Emergency Call Systems, IP CCTV, and Intruder Alarms would be an advantage.

Applicants to the Security Engineer roles should have a minimum three-year experience in Access Control, IP CCTV, Intruder Alarms, as well as bespoke emergency calls systems would be ideal, however training on any absent aspects will be provided for the right applicant.

We positively encourage female candidates and applicants from the Armed Forces.

Apply now by emailing your CV and a covering letter detailing your suitability for the position to headoffice@securitatemgroup.com.

+ Security at Christmas

Open For Christmas

Over the festive period, at Securitatem Installations, we will continue to be here to support your security needs.  

Your safety and security continues to be our priority. If you are faced with an urgent issue with your CCTV, intruder alarm or access control system between Christmas and New Year, do not hesitate to get in touch.  

We appreciate this is a very hectic time of year and can offer initial diagnosis over the phone, ensuring your festive celebrations will not be disturbed. If your system allows, we can remotely assess the system to rectify the issue, with a view to any follow up maintenance work being completed at your convenience. 

No matter the time, or day, our on-call engineers are always here for you. If you need to contact us over Christmas and New year, visit our contact us page or call the emergency on call phone number on 07438 247 247 .

+ Innovate in security

Continuing to innovate

At Securitatem Installations, we acknowledge and value the continuous digital advances in safety and the rapid growth in new security technologies. 

Within recent years, we have seen the introduction and advancement in security products integrated with innovative equipment such as AI-powered video analytics with self-learning, unusual motion detection, unusual activity detection and license place recognition, cameras with thermal screening technology, and Access Control systems with combined technology such as Bluetooth, RFID and fingerprint readers. 

When incorporating new products and services into our portfolio, we undertake extensive research and testing to ensure quality and excellence in all we associate with. Finding the best suppliers, products, and installation procedures to benefit our clients.  

Our team complete new and updated training programmes and courses regularly. Certifying they understand the latest industry standards and procedural knowledge.  

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+ winter burglary

How to reduce your risk of burglary this winter

With the change in seasons and the closing of another year, there is much to celebrate in the winter months. Together with the joy of the season, comes the longer hours of darkness brought on by the changes for daylight saving time and with that comes the increased threat of burglary.

Most incidents of burglary take place when the day is at its darkest. The period between October to March, allows a greater opportunity for criminal activity. However, with adequate counter measures, you will feel reassured even on the darkest of nights.

Our CCTV systems can be fitted with infer red, heat vision or colour vue, allowing the camera to monitor and record clear pictures throughout the night.

If your property is situated remotely, you may also want to consider the programming of line cross zones system connected security lights and designated activation times. Any movement over the lines during the designated activation times, causes light beams, alarms and mobile notifications to be triggered, encouraging unwanted visitors to leave.

Beams can also be beneficial when located in evaluated positions around your property. If the beams are crossed a chime will sound through the alarm system to notify you of activity.

At Securitatem Installations, we remain committed to providing a safe and secure environment for all our customers. Our installations team will be continuing their vital work throughout the winter months ahead, performing installations, maintenance, and servicing across the country.

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+ CCTV System

Top 10 benefits of a bespoke CCTV system

Since the introduction of CCTV in the 20th Century, its growth has been astronomical and can now be found in a high proportion of commercial premises. Even with the rapid growth of the ‘off the shelf’ residential camera market, there is still a great deal of advantages that can only be found with a bespoke installation.

Find our top 10 benefits of a bespoke CCTV system in the list below.

1. Crime prevention

Having a complete system covering your property gives a larger visible security impression which repels potential criminals. An imposing security presence, whether is it an intruder alarm, CCTV, or access control, has been shown to reduce criminal activity.

2. Securing visitors

The security of CCTV adds reassurance to all those who attend your property, a trusted system from a certified installer gives an additional peace of mind to your visitors, whether this is for shoppers in a shopping centre, employees in a workplace, or guests to your home.

3. Provides evidence

You may be called on to provide evidence or footage to support the prosecution of a crime, having a bespoke CCTV recording several angles at once, will give a clearer and unbiased version of the events that transpired during the incident in question.

4. Real- time monitoring

Although continuous monitoring will not be required for all, for those who must enlist continuous surveillance, it can be a vital tool in alleviating potential threats and reducing risks to them and their property.

5. Reduced insurance cost

Most insurance providers will ask whether there is CCTV and the quality of the system at the property, taking this into consideration when pricing your policy. By having an active system, installed, and maintained by an NSI Gold approved company could reduce your insurance costs.

6. Resolve Disputes

CCTV can help to determine the cause of a dispute before proceeding with a more formal investigation, this work particularly well within a work setting, where you may find employees, managers, or other personnel engaging in a disagreement.

7. Peace of mind

The presence of a camera can provide peace of mind, especially for those who live alone or within an remote property. The knowledge that the property, its contents, and the people within, have a continuous security presence installed by expert engineers provides peace of mind. Regular preventative maintenance checks ensure the system in always working to its full capacity.

8. Cost effective security

CCTV can be a cost-effective choice for incorporating security into your home or premises. If you opt for a stand-alone camera, with playback functionality you can obtain a security presence without a costly investment. Although all installations are carried out by expert engineers with market leading products, we endeavour to provide a cost-effective service for all.

9. Retrospective reference

CCTV systems can provide the facility to review retrospective dates, giving you what might be much needed insight into an recent event. Our CCTV systems will include playback features, which can allow the operator or engineer to recall a period of time remotely.

10. Compliments other security

Your property could already have an intruder alarm, access control system, or parameter gates. Introducing a bespoke CCTV system in addition to existing security measures will bolster your overall safety and create a more encompassing security presence.

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Why we choose Sum Up

At Securitatem Installations, we are pleased to offer the SumUp card reader payment system to our clients. The system allows our engineers to take payment remotely. The system is completely wireless and takes payments in an instant.

The system guarantees complete confidentiality allowing transactions done in person, with the keypad being directly handled by our client. The SumUp card reader have received full certification from a range of regulatory bodies, for greater security and confidence.

We offer the SumUp card reader payment option in additional to invoicing, setting us apart from other security companies that only operate with a billing system. Designed to take the hassle out of payments, by offering the Sum Up Card Reader, our customers no longer have to concern themselves with paying at a later date. 

The system is also paperless, helping to support our moves towards introducing more sustainable business initiatives.

All our engineers carry SumUp Card Readers and can accept the following cards:

  • Visa
  • VPay
  • MasterCard
  • Maestro
  • American Express

Why not discuss the SumUp system next time our engineer visits your property?

+ infographic

2020-21 UK Burglary Infographic

Get the 2021-21 stats on Burglary quickly with our latest Infographic. Taken from the annual data from the Crime Survey for England and Wales (CSEW) at the Office of National Statistics, we have highlighted the highest risk consideration when it comes to burglary at your property.


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