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Secure in the Dark

We all hope and endeavour to never experience a burglary, however in winter with the lengthier nights, the threat of such an incident does increase.  Under the extended cloak of the darkness in winter and with fewer witnesses due to the cold, opportunistic criminals have a longer and clearer window to access properties. However, at Securitatem Installations, we look to reduce that opportunity with… Read More


Your home, Your Security

Your home is your private sanctuary and is where effective security should be considered most critical. Much of your time will often be spent there, and the quality of that time is important. You want to feel safe and secure within your own environment, and able to relax on your own and with your loved ones. Often, we find people are conflicted between the… Read More


Upgrade your security infrastructure

Efficient security systems, come with the need for an effective security infrastructure.    Our security engineers are continuously trained to the highest standard in the industry, able to advise on and provide the leading hardware and software programs to best serve our clients and their security systems. Innovation New innovations in security technology, require a new infrastructure to support it. If you are looking… Read More


The threat of trespassing

Trespassing on your property, knowingly or otherwise by an individual or individuals, can cause a huge emotional impact and unwanted damage. You don’t have to live under the threat of trespassing on your property, a few cautionary measures can hopefully circumvent trespassing and provide an effective response to it. Protecting the well-being and safety we all deserve. Elements of trespassing are considered a crime… Read More


Growing Again

Securitatem Installations continues to grow, and we are now looking to recruit additional security engineers, with roles available for qualified technicians. Join our established team of specialist security engineers based in Harrietsham, Kent. The role involves installation, maintenance, and support across a whole range of security systems. Successful applicants should have: At Securitatem Installations, we pride ourselves on our customer relationships, delivering a high… Read More

+ secure for summer

Secure for summer

During the process of planning an upcoming holiday or extended break, you may want to consider putting in place additional security provisions for the protection of your home and feel secure whilst it is vacant. Along with an intruder alarm, CCTV, and access control installation, consider the instant reassurance you will have by being connected to your property with a connection to a compatible… Read More


4 steps to keeping your vehicle more secure

Vehicle-related theft has shown an increase over the past few years, with a 29% rise between September 2021 and September 2022, according to new figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS). Many predict that number is set to rise with the cost of living crisis tempting more to turn to crime to make ends meet. What Car has listed the most stolen cars… Read More


Living Wage Employer

We are proud to be a living wage employer providing our staff with a living wage, truly reflecting the cost of living. To demonstrate our commitment, we have joined the living wage foundation. The living wage foundation was founded in 2011 by Citizen UK, together with local communities and activists campaigning for a fair wage truly reflective of living costs. Prior to 2016 with… Read More


Bell Boxes : Cornerstone of security presence?

For generations, bell boxes has been symbolic of a security presence, and although the security industry has continued to innovate, this mainstay of the industry continues to provide an imposing presence. In the winter months, there is a recognised spike in burglaries, often linked to the long nights providing an extended blanket of darkness for criminals to operate.  Making it even more pivotal that… Read More


Raising the Standard

We are pleased to announce our approved membership to Kent Trading Standards Checked.   The directory, vetted by the Kent Country Council (KCC), provides a directory for safe local trades in the home maintenance sector, aiming to prevent financial abuse, stop doorstep criminals and protect the residents of Kent.   We have successfully passed the comprehensive 50-point check, and agreed to the Code of… Read More

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