Trespassing on your property, knowingly or otherwise by an individual or individuals, can cause a huge emotional impact and unwanted damage.

You don’t have to live under the threat of trespassing on your property, a few cautionary measures can hopefully circumvent trespassing and provide an effective response to it. Protecting the well-being and safety we all deserve.

Elements of trespassing are considered a crime under the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994, however, trespass itself is not a criminal offense increasing the importance of proactively protecting your property or land.


Create a strong and impenetrable perimeter surrounding your property, demonstrating a clear boundary to keep unwanted visitors out.


Keeping a close eye on the property through CCTV can give you peace of mind and allow you to be aware of trespassing. Additionally, footage can be provided as evidence of a trespass taking place.

Covert cameras could be a further consideration.


An intruder alarm is not only loud but instantly reactive, giving you, your monitoring company, and your security provider knowledge that you have a security issue.


The use of light sensors on a property, reacting to movement, has a big impact and can be startling to those who set them off.


Display notices of security measures you have in place, to warn off potential trespassers.  

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