Vehicle-related theft has shown an increase over the past few years, with a 29% rise between September 2021 and September 2022, according to new figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

Many predict that number is set to rise with the cost of living crisis tempting more to turn to crime to make ends meet. What Car has listed the most stolen cars in the UK as Range Rover, Land Rover Discovery, BMW 3 series, Mercedes C-Class, and E-Class. Many of these cars are being targeted for their parts as the market sees ever-increasing shortages, or they are shipped overseas for resale.

Most notable is that methods of entry have become even more sophisticated to match the complex security measures now provided by the manufacturers to prevent theft. To assist car theft prevention, we have outlined 4 steps to improve the security of your vehicle.

1. Cameras

A CCTV system installed at your property will give you greater reassurance in terms of the security of your property and vehicles, whether they are on the drive or in the garage. The installation of external cameras will provide a greater visible security impression which has been shown to reduce criminal activity.

Additionally, in the unfortunate case of a vehicle being taken, you will have evidence and footage to give a clearer version of the incident, whether it’s the exact time, nature of the thief, or description of the thief, to support the recovery of the vehicle and prosecution of the crime.

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2. Keys

With internal manufacturer security systems more refined on modern vehicles, the requirement to have a key to access a vehicle is even more essential. Be vigilant with your car key whilst out and even within your home, thieves have been known to access the property, as well as hook and extract keys through letter boxes.

The introduction of keyless entry to the wider market over the last decade has brought with it additional consideration for security. Thieves will use relay boxes, to boost the signal from your keys from within the property to expand its usual release zone.  This has become a more common practice for thieves to enter vehicles with keyless entry systems. You can stop the signal from being hijacked by placing your key inside a faraday bag, which prevents wireless signals.

3. Tracker

Tracking is now accessible through manufacturers, third-party suppliers, and even high street stores. Discrete and individual to your car, you can always locate it. Whether you are with the car or not, you can view its movements. If the vehicle is solen, you can provide vital information to authorities in the hope of it being located and retrieved.   

4. Immobiliser

Get comprehensive security for your vehicle with the use of a Ghost II Immobiliser, the newest and most sophisticated system on the market. Able to protect against key cloning, key theft, and car hacking. With a unique sequence pin, so even if a thief was to enter the vehicle, they would be unable to start it. The ghost immobilizer wired system is integrated to fit perfectly alongside those produced in the factory, making it near impossible to tamper or bypass it.

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