+ Gate Security

The Benefits Of Gate Security

Investing in security upgrades include gate security. At Securitatem Installations, we install premium gates, barriers and turnstiles, to suit your specific requirements.

Extra protection

Our gate security offers an additional level of protection. Preventing access to vulnerable areas to the property.

Family safety

At Securitatem Installations, our gate security ensures safety for the family; especially children. Stopping them from running onto the road.

Secure privacy

Gate security makes it problematic for unwanted intruders to prowl and spy. It gives you and your family more privacy, while adding an element of safety.

Safety through security.

+ Secure at Christmas

Increase Your Home Security This Christmas

Christmas provides intruders with increased opportunities to infiltrate your home security, with many occupants leaving their homes unattended, copious packaging left beside bins, or Christmas lights running through windows. 

3 ways Securitatem Installations can increase your home security this Christmas: 

Smart alarm systems

Our intruder alarms sync with a premium app compatible across mobile platforms, informing users if the alarm activates, detailing which sensor has been activated. The programme works alongside your CCTV and allows you to disarm your system remotely. 

CCTV installations

All our installations are to NSI Gold standard and insurance approved. We can install or takeover CCTV systems which can include the option to utilise remote monitoring. Our user-friendly app allows you to check your CCTV system from anywhere in the world with a stable internet connection. 

Access Control

Installing an access control system, in your residential or commercial premise, increases your security. Only designated individuals will be able to gain access into your facility.

Safety through security.

+ Innovative Security

Innovative Security

At Securitatem Installations we provide innovative security products and services to give you the peace of mind you and your family deserve.

Here are a few of the pioneering products we can offer you:

Hikvision doorbell

No matter your lifestyle you can’t always be there to answer the door. The Hikvision doorbell lets you answer with a two-way audio and video feature, wherever you are.

Improved cameras

At Securitatem Installations, we aim to provide the best camera technology. We have integrated motion detectors. Based on the time of day and range of motion, our cameras will detect based on personal customisation. Including video notifications if motion is detected.

Mobile app

The Hik Connect app is compatible with Apple and Android devices. Streaming a live video to your mobile device. Running on Hikvision’s cloud platform, you can communicate with visitors worldwide.

+ Upgrading Your Home Security

Upgrading Your Home Security

During these unclear times it’s natural to think about protecting the processions we hold close by upgrading your home security. For anyone with a home alarm, one of the easiest things you can do is to look at upgrading your current security system.

What is the best way to upgrade?

Dependant on the type of system you already own dictates the next step. If you have a standard home alarm system it makes sense to switch to a monitored system. Securitatem Installations constantly oversees your alarm and responds when it goes off.

Or, if you already own a monitored alarm from Securitatem Installations, it’s simple to add features. Our smart system enables you to lead your home security in the palm of your hands.

Why choose a monitored alarm?

The majority of standard alarms are reliable for the job they do – making noise. But if you’re not at home and intruders aren’t put off by the sound then their impact is limited. It’s one thing raising the alarm, but you want a guarantee that someone will answer it.

A monitored alarm sends a signal directly to a monitoring centre. Securitatem Installations will notify you immediately.

+ Safe at Halloween

Keep Your Home Safe This Halloween

Home security during Halloween should remain top priority. Burglaries spike as the Autumn nights draw to a close. Darkness during one-off events like Halloween provides cover blankets for anyone who is up to no good.

To ensure maximum home safety, follow our tips and tricks below:

Doors and windows

Opportunists will always look for entrances and exits first. That’s where you should start too. Burglars loath UPVC windows with strong security. Think about adding Hikvison cameras where necessary.

Sound the alarm

The majority of thieves look for an easy target. An alarm is an immediate visual deterrent. A monitored system provides peace of mind when absent.

Shine the light

Burglars hate the light. Especially ones you can control remotely from an app, an excellent prevention at night.

+ Hik-Connect

Why You Need A Hikvision Smart Doorbell

It’s estimated that in the UK, there’s a burglary occurrence every 40 seconds, but smart doorbell can be the answer.

The emotional journey of having your property invaded can be deeply distressing. 

Fortunately, technology has evolved. We are able to see who’s there – even when absent.

The Hikvision smart doorbell combined with the Hik Connect app steams a live video to your mobile device and offers two-way communication. Running on Hikvision’s cloud platform, you can communicate with visitors worldwide.

The main benefits provided by the Hikvision smart doorbell are as followed:

  • Someone is ‘always’ home

The Hikvision smart doorbell provides peace of mind and allows you to pretend you’re at home when absent.

  • Unlimited convenience 

The two-way audio lets you communicate to whoever is outside. Great for informing a visitor you’ll answer the door soon.

  • Always connected

Hik Connect gives you the ability to receive alerts remotely, meaning you will never miss a call. Live video footage will confirm parcel deliveries, children’s home arrival or unwanted visitors. 

No matter the circumstance, stay safe with our Hikvision products and services.

+ Front Door

How To Stay Safe When There’s A Stranger At The Door

To stay safe we are taught stranger danger, not to share personal information about yourself, and don’t answer the door to someone you don’t recognise. 

Old-school techniques such as chain locks, and peep holes let you see who’s at the door without giving them the opportunity to come in. 

Technology has advanced. We can now see who’s there – even if we’re not at home. 

Hikvision | Hik Connect App

Combined, the product and service let you see exactly who you are dealing with in the palm of your own hands. You are able to communicate via the smart doorbell. Giving you every opportunity to keep yourself and family safe by removing potential risks.

+ Tip on valuables at home

Tips On Valuables At Home

Each burglar spent an estimated 12 minutes per offence with potential access to the victims valuables.  

In 2019/2020 there were over 356,000 burglaries in England and Wales. To ensure maximum safety Securitatem Installations offer various products and services:

Personalised fitted safe

A fitted safe is a natural deterrent to someone who has invaded your home. High security safes take hours to pick, therefore if a burglar were to see the safe they are more than likely to move on.

CCTV systems including mobile app

Enhance your sense of security, you can freely enjoy daily activities without the worry of intrusion or theft.

Review footage and receive notifications via your mobile app when movement is detected around the perimeter of your property, or when someone enters.

Monitored Policed alarm system

Securitatem Installations are an NSI Gold installer.

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