During these unclear times it’s natural to think about protecting the processions we hold close by upgrading your home security. For anyone with a home alarm, one of the easiest things you can do is to look at upgrading your current security system.

What is the best way to upgrade?

Dependant on the type of system you already own dictates the next step. If you have a standard home alarm system it makes sense to switch to a monitored system. Securitatem Installations constantly oversees your alarm and responds when it goes off.

Or, if you already own a monitored alarm from Securitatem Installations, it’s simple to add features. Our smart system enables you to lead your home security in the palm of your hands.

Why choose a monitored alarm?

The majority of standard alarms are reliable for the job they do – making noise. But if you’re not at home and intruders aren’t put off by the sound then their impact is limited. It’s one thing raising the alarm, but you want a guarantee that someone will answer it.

A monitored alarm sends a signal directly to a monitoring centre. Securitatem Installations will notify you immediately.

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