Christmas provides intruders with increased opportunities to infiltrate your home security, with many occupants leaving their homes unattended, copious packaging left beside bins, or Christmas lights running through windows. 

3 ways Securitatem Installations can increase your home security this Christmas: 

Smart alarm systems

Our intruder alarms sync with a premium app compatible across mobile platforms, informing users if the alarm activates, detailing which sensor has been activated. The programme works alongside your CCTV and allows you to disarm your system remotely. 

CCTV installations

All our installations are to NSI Gold standard and insurance approved. We can install or takeover CCTV systems which can include the option to utilise remote monitoring. Our user-friendly app allows you to check your CCTV system from anywhere in the world with a stable internet connection. 

Access Control

Installing an access control system, in your residential or commercial premise, increases your security. Only designated individuals will be able to gain access into your facility.

Safety through security.

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