It’s estimated that in the UK, there’s a burglary occurrence every 40 seconds.

The emotional journey of having your property invaded can be deeply distressing. 

Fortunately, technology has evolved. We are able to see who’s there – even when absent.

The Hikvision smart doorbell combined with the Hik Connect app steams a live video to your mobile device and offers two-way communication. Running on Hikvision’s cloud platform, you can communicate with visitors worldwide.

The main benefits provided by the Hikvision smart doorbell are as followed:

  • Someone is ‘always’ home

The Hikvision smart doorbell provides peace of mind and allows you to pretend you’re at home when absent.

  • Unlimited convenience 

The two-way audio lets you communicate to whoever is outside. Great for informing a visitor you’ll answer the door soon.

  • Always connected

Hik Connect gives you the ability to receive alerts remotely, meaning you will never miss a call. Live video footage will confirm parcel deliveries, children’s home arrival or unwanted visitors. 

No matter the circumstance, stay safe with our Hikvision products and services.

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