Burglary comes at a high cost to those who fall victim to it, in the form of loss of belongings, damage, and emotional impact.

With 235,280 burglaries in 2021-22, burglary has the 7th highest crime rate per 1000 in the UK.

  • A burglary is carried out every 134 seconds in the UK
  • 3.9 people per 1,000 of the population experienced a burglary in 2021
  • 71% of burglaries are on domestic properties

The average cost of damage in incidents of domestic burglary in a dwelling with an entry has doubled since 2009/10, going from £654 to £1413 in 2019/20. With some seeing costs exceeding £5000.

66% of burglaries resulted in a loss to the resident. Items stolen included high-value physical goods such as jewellery, watches, and vehicles. However, the list of items also included more prominent personal belonging such as wallets containing bank cards, computers, and documents likely comprising personal data and the key to the property, potentially taken to return later.

Domestic burglaries have a high emotional impact on those who experience them with 84% stating they had been affected emotionally. Although each experiencing different levels of emotional response, those reported ranged from anger and shock to depression and anxiety, some even noted losing confidence, finding it difficult to sleep, and even experiencing panic attacks.

You can deter criminal activity and feel confident in your property with a bespoke security system, be proactive in preventing crime, recording evidence, and securing your loved ones.

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