For generations, bell boxes has been symbolic of a security presence, and although the security industry has continued to innovate, this mainstay of the industry continues to provide an imposing presence.

In the winter months, there is a recognised spike in burglaries, often linked to the long nights providing an extended blanket of darkness for criminals to operate.  Making it even more pivotal that the property shows an obvious security presence, visible at night and at a distance, deterring any potential criminal interest.

Over recent years, visual security illustrations have developed to show more warning signs at eye level, motivated heavily by the data protection requirements around CCTV as much as warning off criminal attention.  These signs work well to a point in notifying the public of a security presence on at property, however, they have limited visibility in the dark and can often be missed altogether by would-be burglars if entering the property from a different point. 

Often the recommended use of an active bell box to the front and dummy bell boxes to the rear of the property can be an effective tool in highlighting overtly that a complete security presence is in place. The first objective is always to evade crime at a property by making it an unappealing target, with the reassurance of an active security system in place if the worse were to happen.

Securitatem Installations has a range of bell boxes supplied by security industry’s-leading suppliers. We are proud to provide a distinctive and effective security presence for the protection of our clients and their property.

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