How To Protect Your Home From Burglaries

Countless homeowners decide to invest or upgrade in home security, spurred on by darker nights and houses filled with expensive gifts from the Christmas period. For these reasons’ alone burglary activity in the UK spikes.

Securitatem Installations can provide domestic security including CCTV and intruder alarm systems that give you peace of mind that your property is secure when you are not present. We make the entire process easy, one of our fully trained staff will assess your needs via our free survey, and make recommendations dependant on your personal security requirements.

Our services range from alarm installations to alarm monitoring & maintenance, no matter your security requirements we will meet your needs and expectations.

Safety through security.

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The International Professional Security Association (IPSA)

The Securitatem Group is delighted, and very proud to announce that we are a new founder member of The International Professional Security Association (IPSA) organisation.

The Securitatem Group believes in supporting all front-line workers in the security profession.

The association was formed over 60 years ago to ensure professionalism in the management of security operations. IPSA as an established and recognised worldwide professional organisation provides, in accordance with growing demand, a specialised, unrivalled service to industry/commerce.

Next week the Securitatem Group will post details on membership for all security professionals.


Securitatem Installations COVID-19 Measures

Current COVID-19 safety measures require precautions, such as social distancing, wearing appropriate PPE and washing your hands.

At Securitatem Installations, we pledge to always keep employees and clients safe. Recently, we have upgraded our vans and installed hand-washing and hand-sanitising units to ensure maximum safety measures are being upheld, and have put necessary procedures in place to ensure a safer working environment for the community.

Our engineers carry standard masks and wear FFP3 graded masks for vulnerable clients, alongside wearing gloves, shoe protectors and respecting social distancing at all times.

Safety through security.


Van Investment

At Securitatem Installations, we strive to continuously invest in high-end developments.

We have recently upgraded our vans to meet business, employee, and client expectations.

Innovative features include a mobile hand-wash and antibacterial station, to ensure both our employees and clients remain safe during these unprecedented times.

Safety through security.


Proelium Law LLP

We are pleased to be mentioned in the Proelium Law LLP CCTV article.

To read the full article, please use the link below:



Meet The Installer

The Securitatem Group was recently featured in the PSI magazine. The PSI magazine is the only technical magazine in the UK circulated monthly, solely to installers, specifiers and designers of electronic security and fire solutions.

The Securitatem Group have several areas of expertise, which include physical security, encompassing threat & risk assessments, advanced close protection and firearms training; and security installations involving CCTV, intruder alarms, and access control.

The business is proud to have attained accreditations, which include: NSI NACOSS Gold, ISO9001, Alcumus Safe Contractor, Alcumus Safe PQQ contractor, BSIA member and Armed Forces Bronze Covenant.

One of the joys of this role is that no two days are the same

Joseph McGee – Group CEO

The security industry relies heavily on advanced technology, the Securitatem Group collaborate with various high-end manufactures, including Texecom and Avigilon.

Both organisations invest in developing their technologies to maximise their systems. All companies have developed a strong relationship.

Our Group CEO clarified his passion for the security industry, embedding that Securitatem Group provides reassurance, due to extensive experience and skills. He further explained his desire to recruit more female engineers in security industry, specifically within the Securitatem Group.

We consistently try to recruit more female engineers and involve professional bodies to offer security installation as an alternative career choice, this is an ongoing challenge

Joseph McGee – Group CEO

To view the full article, please use the link below:

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Safety through Security.


The Benefits Of Gate Security

Investing in security upgrades include gate security. At Securitatem Installations, we install premium gates, barriers and turnstiles, to suit your specific requirements.

Extra protection

Our gate security offers an additional level of protection. Preventing access to vulnerable areas to the property.

Family safety

At Securitatem Installations, our gate security ensures safety for the family; especially children. Stopping them from running onto the road.

Secure privacy

Gate security makes it problematic for unwanted intruders to prowl and spy. It gives you and your family more privacy, while adding an element of safety.

Safety through security.


Increase Your Home Security This Christmas

Christmas provides intruders with increased opportunities than usual, with many occupants leaving their homes unattended, copious packaging left beside bins, or Christmas lights running through windows. 

3 ways Securitatem Installations can increase your home security this Christmas: 

Smart alarm systems

Our intruder alarms sync with a premium app compatible across mobile platforms, informing users if the alarm activates, detailing which sensor has been activated. The programme works alongside your CCTV and allows you to disarm your system remotely. 

CCTV installations

All our installations are to NSI Gold standard and insurance approved. We can install or takeover CCTV systems which can include the option to utilise remote monitoring. Our user-friendly app allows you to check your CCTV system from anywhere in the world with a stable internet connection. 

Access Control

Installing an access control system, in your residential or commercial premise, increases your security. Only designated individuals will be able to gain access into your facility.

Safety through security.


Innovative Security

At Securitatem Installations we provide ground-breaking security products and services to give you the peace of mind you and your family deserve.

Here are a few of the pioneering products we can offer you:

Hikvision doorbell

No matter your lifestyle you can’t always be there to answer the door. The Hikvision doorbell lets you answer with a two-way audio and video feature, wherever you are.

Improved cameras

At Securitatem Installations, we aim to provide the best camera technology. We have integrated motion detectors. Based on the time of day and range of motion, our cameras will detect based on personal customisation. Including video notifications if motion is detected.

Mobile app

The Hik Connect app is compatible with Apple and Android devices. Streaming a live video to your mobile device. Running on Hikvision’s cloud platform, you can communicate with visitors worldwide.


Upgrading Your Home Security

During these unclear times it’s natural to think about protecting the processions we hold close. For anyone with a home alarm, one of the easiest things you can do is to look at upgrading your current security system.

What is the best way to upgrade?

Dependant on the type of system you already own dictates the next step. If you have a standard home alarm system it makes sense to switch to a monitored system. Securitatem Installations constantly oversees your alarm and responds when it goes off.

Or, if you already own a monitored alarm from Securitatem Installations, it’s simple to add features. Our smart system enables you to lead your home security in the palm of your hands.

Why choose a monitored alarm?

The majority of standard alarms are reliable for the job they do – making noise. But if you’re not at home and intruders aren’t put off by the sound then their impact is limited. It’s one thing raising the alarm, but you want a guarantee that someone will answer it.

A monitored alarm sends a signal directly to a monitoring centre. Securitatem Installations will notify you immediately.

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