Mobile devices play a major part in everyday life, with smart CCTV technology constantly evolving.

Every CCTV system we install or take over will include the option to utilise remote monitoring. Our user-friendly apps allow you to check your CCTV system from anywhere in the world with a stable internet connection.

We collaborate closely with some of the world’s largest CCTV manufacturers, trialing different peripherals and apps to ensure reliability. Our apps have a wide range of functions, whether you want to simply check your property or review footage from a specific time and date.

Integrated analytics enable us to programme systems to send you notifications if a specified event occurs, such as:

  • Someone loitering in a specified zone
  • Car registrations via ANPR cameras
  • Detected motion at specified times of the day or night

The options are endless, by linking the app with your smart alarm system you can ensure safety through security.

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