CCTV is now a main stay of any modern security system. Its primary focus is to act as a detection and verification system for other security measures, such as an intruder alarm or access control. CCTV can be a single or combination of systems and technologies to form the overall security solution.

Whatever your requirements Securitatem Installations can design the right package for you.

Our range includes:

CCTV Installations >

All our installations are to NSI Gold standards and insurance approved.

CCTV Upgrades >

We are always here to help, whether it be a takeover of your current CCTV system; a complete upgrade or a new installation.


Installing IP CCTV with full analytics, using advanced innovative technologies is future proofing your system.

Smart CCTV >

New installations can be linked to your smart device. We can add modules to integrate existing systems.

Covert CCTV >

Our covert CCTV systems can be used when discretion or less prominent cameras are required. Covert cameras are a means of offering surveillance of an undetected or more discreet nature. Working with a professional illusionist we offer niche designs to create a bespoke surveillance system.

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